Success Stories

"I never dreamed I would meet a guy like Tim on Single Dating. We hit it off right from the first message he sent me and now we’ve been dating happily for more than six months. I’m so happy that I gave online dating a try, if I hadn’t, I never would have met the love of my life!"

Tim and Linda met on Single Dating

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Single Dating Success Stories

Matt and Sofia

"I joined single dating about a year after my first long term relationship. I had a great time during that year and we’ll leave it at that! Anyway, after a year of bachelor life I decided it was time to settle down, but I knew I wasn’t going to meet Mrs Right on a Friday night on my local high street, and I work in a very male environment, so I decided to join Single Dating. I went on a few dates and met some nice girls, but about two months in, Sofia joined the site. She matched my search criteria perfectly so I messaged her and we hit it off. When we met, I got that feeling, when I saw her face to face and I knew she was something special. When she fell pregnant six months later, it felt right!"

Met on Single Dating and together 8 months

Success Story
Success Story
Dating Success Story

Tracy and Lee

"I saw Single Adults dating advertised on TV and joined the site just over 3 weeks ago. I liked the way in which this site worked , it was much easier to navigate than some of the other dating sites which I'd used previously. I also didn't get any inappropriate messages ( as is often the case with the 'free' dating sites). I spotted Lee straight away but wondered why he kept winking at me, rather than sending me a message. I continued to message Lee as I really liked his profile , and eventually he messaged me back. I didn't realise that he hadn't signed up fully , hence the winks! He then signed up for a month too and then it all began.

We hit it off straight away and exchanged telephone numbers. I called him within a week of us chatting and we met up for our first date. Something 'clicked' straight away to be honest we haven't been apart since, and are making plans to make the relationship more permanent. Even though it's early days into the relationship, I really do think that we have found each other.

We both want to say a huge 'Thank You' to you for bringing us together. With both of us having such busy working lives and living at opposite ends of the county, there is no way that we would have found each other if we hadn't taken the plunge and joined the site."

Met on Single Dating and together 2 months

Success Story
Dating Success Story

Russ and Anna

"I first contacted Anna and sent her an email as she had requested "no winking" and I wanted her to reply to my email. I was attracted by her lovely long brown hair and her gorgeous brown eyes, and I found her profile picture very attractive! She was attracted by my profile picture and my short, simple and honest email which was straight to the point.

Our first date was in a nice pub on the South Bank for a couple of drinks and a bite to eat to chat and get to know each other better. We had been texting before so it wasn't an awkward first meeting. Our first kiss was that night at Waterloo station where I walked her back to after our date.

We have been on many dates during the past months including the London Eye, dinner and cinema evenings, picnics and have had a couple of weekends away and a short holiday abroad.

One of Anna's favourite funny memories of me is when I locked myself out of her flat whilst waiting for a repair guy to come round and was stranded with no shoes and only lounge pants outside her flat! What didn't help was that it was raining and I had to walk to her work-place in Clapham to borrow her keys and then walk back! My feet were freezing!

We are planning to move into a flat together next year and continue enjoying being with each other! I would tell others to "keep going/looking, your true love is out there". We are proof!"

Met on Single Dating and together 4 months